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Our Bargaining process has been going on for years, not weeks. Four years ago our Stewards started addressing problems in the workplace and sending things to the Regional ERCs to be resolved and they were forwarding issues to the MERC. Our MERC Teams have been fighting Management to get better working conditions and our Health & Safety Committees have struggled to make our workplaces safer for us. They are the people who have been monitoring our contracts for the last four years. They stand up for us and enforce the conditions of our Contract.

Our Bargaining team is elected by the membership. Each of you had the opportunity to put your name forward to be on the Bargaining Team and if you thought that you could do a better job than them you should have stood for election. When we elected the members of our Bargaining Team we drew from a rich pool of skilled individuals who are familiar with our strengths, and our limitations. They were selected by a democratic process and I do believe that we got a great team.

To assist our Bargaining team we did our demand set surveys that provided the Bargaining Team with a template of our priorities. When they went in to negotiate our new contract they already knew what we wanted and more importantly they knew what we would tolerate.

They have accepted the disruption in their personal lives for the last five months to get us the best possible contract. Our Bargaining Team have come back to us with a tentative contract that they unanimously endorse. If we send them back to Management with a” No “on this contract it will lead to a strike, that is certain.

I have been through strikes before and there is nothing on this contract that would make me want to stand in the cold on a picket line for $25 a day. I also know that the Bargaining team did their best to get us this tentative contract. They acknowledge that it is not perfect but it is the best possible contract and their endorsement is good enough for me.

I am getting tired of people using this anonymous forum to criticize the proposed contract. If you believe that your opinion is important, you should have the confidence to post your name .

My Name is Kim King. I am on the Eastern Region ERC , and I am voting Yes.

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