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News for Court Reporters

Abramsky issues further decision on Court Reporters

From the OPSEU Website January 26, 2010

On December 4, 2009, GSB Vice-Chair Abramsky issued a further decision regarding the ongoing issues involving the production of transcripts by Court Reporters.

In July, 2009, the employer announced a scheme to further contract in the transcription portion of the Court Reporter’s duties. This was the very issue that took us to the Grievance Settlement Board in 2006. Your Union went back to Vice-Chair Abramsky to ask her to stop the employer from ignoring her previous decision. The Union was successful in prohibiting the employer from proceeding with their plan at that time.

The issue of remedy remains and the question about retrospective and prospective remedy remains. That is, pay and benefits that are owed on work already performed and a plan which included transcription work being done by OPSEU Court Reporters in the workplace. On December 4, 2009, Vice Chair Abramsky issued her decision. In that decision she says that the GSB does not have the jurisdiction to prospectively rule on what the employer might do. In other words, she can’t decide on something that has yet to happen. Since the employer, up to that point, had merely announced their plan, but not implemented it, the Board could not provide any orders. The decision also pointed out that the status of the transcription work had already been clarified in the 2006 award It said that transcription work is the work of bargaining unit court reporters. The GSB told us that if the employer were to implement its plan, the Union would have to grieve that implementation at that time. Any new plan by the employer that has anyone other than bargaining unit court reporters completing transcript work would raise new facts and new issues than those canvassed in the 2006 Hunt award and therefore require new grievances. OPSEU is prepared to take forward any violation of the 2006 award issued by Vice-Chair Abramsky

Ergonomic Training

The Workers Health & Safety Centre is offering subsidized Ergonomics-related training sessions to help worker reps identify workplace conditions that cause musculoskeletal injuries and fight for workplace change to protect workers.

Feb 22, 2010     Toronto Ergonomics: Injuries, Risk Factors and Design Principles
@ $20.00/person
Feb 23, 2010        Barrie Ergonomics: Injuries, Risk Factors and Design Principles
@ $20.00/person
Feb 23, 2010        Owen Sound Ergonomics Toolbox
@ $20.00/person
Feb 24, 2010        Durham Region Ergonomics Toolbox
@ $20.00/person

Here’s a link to that information and where your members can register…


February Meeting

Next General meeting will be at

500 King Street W,Oshawa

just east of Stephenson Road, on the left side of King.

Thursday 4 February 2010 5:30pm.

There will be elections for OPSEU Convention.  Come out and pick-up your copy of the current contract

Agenda for General Meeting  4 Feb 2010

Call to Order

Statement of Respect

Adoption of the Agenda

Minutes of previous Meeting

Business Arising

Nominations and Elections   Election of delegates, Alternates and Observers to the OPSEU Convention

Treasurer’s Report   Budget Submission


Report of Officers  Stewards Report on the use of Christmas Funds

Report of Committees

Unfinished business

New Business       Communications technology

Haiti Relief


Joint Attendance Strategy and Implementation Committee Terms of reference

Terms of reference for JASIC now signed off

December 24, 2009 Lock Talk: A publication of the OPSEU Corrections Division The parties met December 23 and signed off on the Terms of Reference for the Joint Attendance Strategy and Implementation Committee (JASIC) (details)