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Union Busting is Disgusting

Ministry of the Attorney General                Court Reporters

Postcard campaign aimed at Chris Bentley:

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April 28, 2011

Court reporters are understandably frustrated with MAG’s refusal to comply with the Hunt decision of July, 2006, that found “the preparation and certification of transcripts is the bargaining unit work of the Court Reporters”.

It’s time for Attorney General Chris Bentley to hear from you (again). Postcards and stickers have been mailed out to locals with the request that stewards please distribute them to court reporters and other court staff. We ask that stewards collect all signed postcards

and drop them off the  OPSEU regional office by Friday, May 6. or at the General Meeting on Thursday 5 May 2011Please post any extra cards on union bulletin boards. We want these postcards to be visible in the courthouse! Please wear the stickers when not in court.

OPSEU Elections

April 8, 2011
TORONTO The Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) has re-elected Warren (Smokey) Thomas for a third term as OPSEU President at its 100th anniversary convention.

“It is always about our front-line membership and the vital work they do,” said Thomas, commencing his third term as OPSEU President. “We will continue to work for the kind of Ontario that workers want, a good jobs economy where public sector programs are not sacrificed to satisfy corporate greed.”

Eduardo (Eddy) Almeida is OPSEU’s new 1st Vice-President/ Treasurer. First elected to the OPSEU Executive Board in 2005, Almeida is a correctional officer in Hamilton and has been an activist since 1995. He replaces Patty Rout who served four years in this role alongside Thomas.

Almeida addressed Convention saying “I am honoured to have your confidence and support. We will build a strong future working together with Smokey and with all of you for this great union.”

OPSEU represents more than 130,000 employees of the Ontario government, Ontario’s community colleges, and broader public sector employers such as hospitals, the LCBO, ambulance services, school boards, municipalities, social service agencies and private corporations.