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World Water Day 22 March 2012

Healthcare Rally across the Province



Cross Province Protests to Stop the Cuts to Our Hospitals!

Communities facing major hospital cuts or closures of entire hospitals will be holding protests at the nearest McGuinty government MPP office.
Cuts mean lost capacity, longer waits, worse overcrowding, travelling further, higher infection rates, paying out-of-pocket.

Did you know?
Ontario’s hospitals receive $1.6 billion less funding than hospitals in other provinces.(souce: Ontario Hospital Association)
We have the shortest stays in hospital — patients are pushed out quicker than in other provinces. We have lower staffing levels and do more in outpatient procedures. Ontario’s hospitals are the most efficient and cost effective in Canada
(source: Canadian Institute for Health Information; HayGroup Report)
Our hospitals have been shrinking as a percentage of health care spending for more than 20 years.
(source: Ministry of Health Financial Statements)

McGuinty’s planned cuts are just too deep. They are risking the health of our communities and residents.
Threatened entire hospital or emergency department closures at: Wallaceburg, Hamilton, Petrolia, Port Colborne, Fort Erie, St. Joseph’s Island, Durham.
Significant cuts to needed services and programs and/or mass layoffs at: Quinte, Sarnia, Strathroy, Leamington, Hamilton, Kingston, Cornwall, Sudbury, Sault Ste. Marie, Thunder Bay, Ajax, Kenora Ottawa, Durham, Niagara, Mount Forest, Harriston, Kincardine, and others.
Join us to tell McGuinty to stop the hospital cuts
All events are on Saturday April 18


Rally at 11 am at:
MPP Jim Brownell’s office
20 Montreal Rd., Cornwall
for information contact: Diane at 613-936-0980

Residents from Picton and Belleville will be rallying at 12 o’clock noon:
MPP Leona Dombrowsky’s office
81 Millennium Parkway, Unit 3, Belleville
for information contact Barb at 613-476-4097

Rally at 11 am at:
MPP John Gerretsen’s office
303 Bagot Street at the LaSalle Mews
for information contact Ross at 613-374-5258


Kitchener will be joining Guelph to rally at 2 pm at:
MPP Liz Sandals’ office
173 Woolwich St., Guelph
for information contact Magee at 519-767-0084
for information on Kitchener contact Orville at 519-893-3974

Rally at 11 am (NOT 12 NOON)
MPP Sophia Aggelonitis’ office
952 Concession St.
for information contact Nancy at 905-385-1933

Residents from Fort Erie, Welland and Port Colborne are invited
to join St. Catharines residents to rally at 12 o’clock noon at:
MPP Jim Bradley’s office
2 Secord Drive, St. Catharines
for information contact Sue at 905-932-1646


Rally at 12 o’clock noon at:
MPP Rick Bartolucci’s office
100 Elm St., Sudbury
for information contact Anne Marie at 705-698-7655


Sarnia/Petrolia/Lambton County and Strathroy
Rally at 12 o’clock noon at:
MPP Maria Van Bommel’s office in Strathroy
71C Front St. West, Strathroy
Supporters in Sarnia and Petrolia will be travelling into Strathroy
Strathroy contact Kathryn at 519-245-9221 or from April 17 Joyce at 519-245-3633
Petrolia contact Helen at 519-882-0357
Sarnia contact Arlene at 519-542-1895

Rally at 12 o’clock noon at:
MPP Maria Van Bommel’s office in Wallaceburg
208 Margaret Ave., Wallaceburg
contact Shirley at 519-677-4474

Rally at 2:30 pm at:
MPP Pat Hoy’s office in Chatham
111 Heritage Rd., Chatham
contact Todd at 519-326-0752

If your community is not on this list and/or if you would like to help organize a protest at your nearest McGuinty government MPP’s office, please contact us at 416-441-2502 or email

Sleep well, live longer.

sleepAdverse metabolic and cardiovascular consequences of circadian misalignment

  1. Frank A. J. L. Scheera,b,1,
  2. Michael F. Hiltona,2,
  3. Christos S. Mantzorosb,c and
  4. Steven A. Sheaa,b

+Author Affiliations

  1. aDivision of Sleep Medicine, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, MA 02115;

  2. bHarvard Medical School, Harvard University, Boston, MA 02115; and

  3. cDivision of Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism, Department of Medicine, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, MA 02215
  1. Edited by Joseph S. Takahashi, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, and approved January 16, 2009 (received for review August 19, 2008)


There is considerable epidemiological evidence that shift work is associated with increased risk for obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease, perhaps the result of physiologic maladaptation to chronically sleeping and eating at abnormal circadian times. To begin to understand underlying mechanisms, we determined the effects of such misalignment between behavioral cycles (fasting/feeding and sleep/wake cycles) and endogenous circadian cycles on metabolic, autonomic, and endocrine predictors of obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular risk. Ten adults (5 female) underwent a 10-day laboratory protocol, wherein subjects ate and slept at all phases of the circadian cycle—achieved by scheduling a recurring 28-h “day.” Subjects ate 4 isocaloric meals each 28-h “day.” For 8 days, plasma leptin, insulin, glucose, and cortisol were measured hourly, urinary catecholamines 2 hourly (totaling ≈1,000 assays/subject), and blood pressure, heart rate, cardiac vagal modulation, oxygen consumption, respiratory exchange ratio, and polysomnographic sleep daily. Core body temperature was recorded continuously for 10 days to assess circadian phase. Circadian misalignment, when subjects ate and slept ≈12 h out of phase from their habitual times, systematically decreased leptin (−17%, P < 0.001), increased glucose (+6%, P < 0.001) despite increased insulin (+22%, P = 0.006), completely reversed the daily cortisol rhythm (P < 0.001), increased mean arterial pressure (+3%, P = 0.001), and reduced sleep efficiency (−20%, P < 0.002). Notably, circadian misalignment caused 3 of 8 subjects (with sufficient available data) to exhibit postprandial glucose responses in the range typical of a prediabetic state. These findings demonstrate the adverse cardiometabolic implications of circadian misalignment, as occurs acutely with jet lag and chronically with shift work.

Where to go for election results.

ops_pluggedinAll the speeches and literature have led to this. Let the ballot counting begin. Check for the completed results .