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Time to pump up the volume

smileykim11The Corrections Bargaining Team is at the Table and they need to know
that we have their back. It’s time to get this party started . Get
your worksite organized on some activities to get everyone , including
management thinking about the contract talks .

* Black Shirt Tuesdays are back.
* Display OPSEU Tabletalk flyers in the lunch room
* Wearing OPSEU tattoos
* Signing and placing a blue trillium card in a highly visible
area at your desk/workspace
* Use your OPSEU stuff – mugs/landyards/pens etc
* Wear/Use the campaign stickers/buttons (plugged in / trillium /
Respect / Dignity)
* Change your screen saver to OPSEU
* Make http://www.opseu.org/ops/barg2008/index.htm your internet homepage
* Everyone go for a walk at lunch
* Meet outside the workplace and walk in together
* Sit together and talk about what you want in your collective
agreement and what you don’t want taken away
* Hold an OPSEU drop-in clinic every lunch hour from now until the
final offer on the 23rd and staff it with different activists
* Send a politician a Christmas Card with “All I want for
Christmas is a Fair Contract” written on the inside.

The Bargaining Team can’t do all the work on their own. We’re in
this together. Let’s all do our part. opseulogo_col_302

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